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Dubai Travelling Tips

Tips before planning a trip to Dubai  — by Jennifer Francis
Tips before planning a trip to Dubai  — by Jennifer Francis

– Interesting tips for all the skydivers who wants to go to this beautiful city: you cannot fly 24 hours every day, if you are lucky enough to be there look around!

The following words are by Jennifer Francis: thanks for contributing! –

Dubai is everyone's dream destination. However, very few succeed in planning a sensible trip.

Let me give you some pointers that will help you in planning a trip as well as executing it in the best possible way.

1. Book Tickets & Visa yourself - Avoid taking help from Travel Agents to book tickets & visa. Just select the destination well in advance and book the tickets directly through the website or may be look for the best and cheap available options from Google flights . VFS Global is there to help you book visa. Travel Agents may charge you more than what is actually required. So save there!

2. Travel on your own terms - Looking for packages might seem to be pretty exciting & time saving. But let me tell you something, it is not how it seems to be. Going for a package will keep you restricted through out the trip. Now it is up to you to decide whether you are going for a vacation to enjoy on your own terms or to follow instructions as per the package designed for you. So give it a thought!!!

3. Cheap Hotels a Big NO-NO - One might think why to waste money on a luxurious hotel when one can easily book a cheap hotel/apartment just to spend the night. But dude, travelling is all about relaxation and enjoyment. Cheap hotels would not provide you with the amenities that a Luxury Hotel would deliver. Not only amenities but security wise as well…

4. DO NOT RUSH - Planning a holiday is not an easy task, however it is not that challenging too. A destination like Dubai has much much more to offer than you can actually think of. Choose 6-7 tempting attractions and splurge on them, rather than jumping on every little place and tiring yourself.

5. BOOKING ATTRACTIONS MY WAY - Many third party websites provide amazing deals & discounts that would tempt your eye balls and you at last fall for them. But let me warn you, these websites do not disclose the hidden treasures and will keep you away from the benefits that you can actually avail by booking directly through the websites. So do compare before booking anything through a 3rd party portal.

Few attractions that you can book through the website are : Burj Khalifa, Dubai Under water world Aquarium and Zoo, Ski Dubai etc…

6. Famous Places to Visit in 7 days -

Day 1 - Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall

Day 2 - Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai

Day 3 - Dubai Marina Mall, Marina Walk, Marina Beach

Day 4 - Dubai Under water world Aquarium and Zoo, The Dubai Fountain (visit in the evening)

Day 5 - Jumeirah Beach, Burj Al Arab

Day 6 - Dubai Gold Souk - If interested in buying Gold, if not then you can skip that

Day 7 - Explore your hotel, the signature restaurants - trust me you'll love it…

That's about it folks! Hope you have a fantastic trip…

This article was originally published on @jenniferfrancis